Surprise migration

Last week it became obvious that migrant moths were arriving in the south so the trap came out of hibernation and brightened the garden on two very mild, damp nights. On the first night there was an invasion of craneflies, lacewings and caddisflies (which as still awaiting identification) but the only migrants by the time I retired in the early hours were some Udea ferrugalis (Rusty-dot Pearls). The following morning there was an interesting Mocha sp on the trap which was potted. The egg boxes were checked and amongst a seasonal selection including Satellites and Red-green Carpets were 19 ferrugalis, 2 Plutella xylostella (Diamond-back Moth), a glorious pink Vestal and a pyralid I recognised from a trap in my parents' garden many years ago - Diasemiopsis ramburialis. A footman turned out to be a Buff.

The next day (29th) the migrants reduced to 4 ferrugalis and a Palpita vitrealis and that was the end of the rather thrilling inland-migrant spell. Oh, and the mocha turned out to be a Blair's.


Blair's Mocha

Diasemiopsis ramburialis


Palpita vitrealis