The first of December, the last of the fungi?

The first blog of December! 

The arrival of frosts and colder weather has started the end of the fungi season, but what an end to a fantastic season! Larch is proving a very interesting host locally (Surrey/Sussex/Hampshire borders) and I have been looking around plantations for fungi. Some are heavily overgrown with bracken and bramble but others are remarkably clear and often seem to host interesting fungi. Laccaria sp. are the most numerous but some other, much rarer, species are regular. 

Volvariella surrecta - Piggyback Pinkgill. Parasitic on Clitocybe nebularis (Clouded Funnel). 


Spathularia flavida - the Yellow Fan. 


Hygrophorus lucorum - Larch Woodwax


Ramaria sp. This may be apiculata which has only a couple of previous UK records.

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