An armchair endemic tick!

Well i will try out this blogging thing with a very nice armchair tick. Last year when helping Libby Houston, local Sorbus expert, with a bit of surveying, she showed me an undescribed Sorbus on the cliffs near the Observatory. Well I recieved news from John Martin yesterday that it has been described - Sorbus spectans. Now I want to insert a photo here but cant seem to do so? Anyone help here?


I dont think there is a

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I dont think there is a problem adding this, in that there is no necessity for secrecy, but really could be misleading. These plants grow on steep cliffs so any dot on map, however precise, could cover a consideable vertical area, and the numerous species, both common aria and the endemics, are all mixed up. Also identification is so tricky that it if looking for the Avon Sorbus best option is to see is Libby is able to help, or I can as I have been shown most.