Thrips - hemipteroids?

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Thrips - hemipteroids?

Hi there

Are Thrips really 'Insects:Hemipteroids' or should they be in 'Insects: Remaining small orders', i.e. Thysanoptera?  Identified my first thrip today - not sure I'll be making a habit of it!



Hi Julian...rapid response

Hi Julian...rapid response team here!   *ahem...*

Initially I assumed that thrips were altogether seperate from the Hemiptera (which, in a way, they are) but after a bit of internet trawling and realising that Hemiptera are just one branch of the hemipteroids, I've learnt something new. And I need to amend my list categories accordingly.

Thrips ARE indeed hemipteroids, which comprises Hemiptera (true bugs), Psocoptera (book/barklice), Phthiraptera (parasitic lice) and Thysanoptera (thrips). I had the lice placed in "Insects: remaining small orders" which just goes to show how much I know!

There's a nice, simple page about hemipteroids at

Congratulations on managing to identify a thrips, I suspect I may continue to knowingly overlook them for the forseeable!

All the very best,