Tachinid on imported larvae

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Tachinid on imported larvae

A colleague who is working on Spodoptera came to me today with a large tachinid that she had found in one of her cages. I'm pretty sure it's Winthemia sinuata which is an American species. The caterpillars have been imported from Texas so the eggs were probably laid on the host prior to collection. The emergence though was definitely in the UK, however the caterpillars were in captivity.


To tick or not to tick?

I would say not to tick as it

I would say not to tick as it was imported and remained in captivity at all times. I don't count the bot fly that I picked up in Costa Rica and imported into the UK when I returned!

Thanks Tony, I hadn't added

Thanks Tony, I hadn't added it - to be honest the ID is so tentative I wouldn't be comfortable with it on my list anyway...