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A large reserve on the south-east shore of Loch Lomond with a huge variety of habitats, including dry ancient woodland, carr, conifer plantation, wet meadows, ditches, rivers and streams, ponds, bog, fen, dry grassland, rocky shore, sandy shore, and the magnificent loch itself. Especially well known for its Ospreys, breeding Redstarts and Tree Pipits, unusual plants such as Scottish Dock (well, hybrids, at least), Tufted Loosestrife, Cowbane and Whorled Caraway, and a suite of rare invertebrates including various weevils found by Mark Gurney and a substantial population of Great Otter Spider Pirata piscatorius. The reserve's species list has recently been hugely boosted by a four-month one-man bioblitz by Sam Buckton from May to August 2019, which added over 500 species new to the reserve, including the mirid bug Blepharidopterus diaphanus new to Scotland.

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