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An accidental gripper

On my trip to Rannoch in March I spent a bit of time looking for beetles, including Bolitophagus reticulatus in the bracket fungus Fromes. I found some https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=440326762777712&set=a.119013194909072.29176.100004011776825&type=1&theater but also noticed some little Ciidae so i took the sample of fromes home. The Ciidae proved to be Ropalodontus perforatus, so that's 2 RDB3 species from a couple of brackets on...

An armchair endemic tick!

Well i will try out this blogging thing with a very nice armchair tick. Last year when helping Libby Houston, local Sorbus expert, with a bit of surveying, she showed me an undescribed Sorbus on the cliffs near the Observatory. Well I recieved news from John Martin yesterday that it has been described - Sorbus spectans. Now I want to insert a photo here but cant seem to do so? Anyone help here?


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