Palm Kernel Expeller

What is Palm Kernel Expeller?

palm kernel expeller borneohale

A by-product of palm oil production, Palm Kernel Expeller is made in countries like Indonesia and Malaysia that have tropical rainforests. Nigeria, Bangladesh, and Pakistan combined to generate less than 10% of the world's palm kernel cake, in comparison to the aforementioned nations. In the meantime, one of the top suppliers of palm kernel expeller is Indonesia.

Elaeis guineensis is the name of the palm kernel expeller in Brazil. Other names for palm expeller include palm cake, palm cake expeller, and palm meal. There is therefore no distinction between palm kernel cake, meal, and expeller based on what other people call it. They belong to the same thing.

The extracted materials from the processed palm fruits are oil, cake, and shell. The palm kernel meal produced after mechanical expeller processing includes 5-12% oil.

Several studies used physical and chemical techniques to increase the nutritional content of palm kernel cakes. It has been suggested that adopting chemical processes that use alkaline or acid will enhance the digestibility and nutritional content of palm kernel expeller.

But the chemical composition is influenced by the kind of fruit's palm, where the sample came from, and how the oil was extracted. Nevertheless, by biological processing utilizing enzymes, fungi, and bacteria, palm kernel cake's nutritional makeup has been enhanced.