An accidental gripper

On my trip to Rannoch in March I spent a bit of time looking for beetles, including Bolitophagus reticulatus in the bracket fungus Fromes. I found some but also noticed some little Ciidae so i took the sample of fromes home. The Ciidae proved to be Ropalodontus perforatus, so that's 2 RDB3 species from a couple of brackets on one tree. I kept the Fromes bracket in a box just in case, which proved very fortunate as yesterday two supurb little moths emerged the pRDB1 Tineidae Archinemapogon yildizae!


Keep calm

The Ciidae family was identified as Ropalodontus perforatus, which means that two RDB3 species can be derived from just a few brackets on the same tree. penalty kick online